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Epichat.io is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot and Marketing platform. You can use it to create messaging flows and to send updates to your subscribers with over 80% open rate.

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Build Chat Flows

Epichat lets you create Facebook messenger chats with automatic conversation flows.

Growth tools

Grow your subscriber list with simple growth tools and engage them with broadcast messages

High engagement

Compared to email 4 to 10 times higher CTRs with an average over 80% open rates.

Why use Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Messenger marketing gives you the following advantages over traditional email marketing

  • Up to 80-90% open rates (as email open rates average around 20%)
  • 10-50% click-through rates
  • Users get push notifications of the new messages
  • Messages are delivered straight into mobile devices
  • Engaging 1-on-1 conversations

With over 1.3 billion monthly active users using Facebook messenger, it is becoming the most effective way for businesses to engage with their audiences.

What the industry leaders are saying

It’s obvious that Facebook Messenger can be a ridiculously effective marketing channel.

Neil Patel
Founder at KISSmetrics

Messenger helps you to build a relationship and engage with customers, on a mass scale.

Angelo Sorbello

A prospect is far more likely to view a Facebook message and click through than they would with an email.

Kylie Fennell
Marketer & Publisher

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