Powerful features

Epichat is a powerful Facebook Messenger Marketing platform for creating chatbots and automated marketing flows.


Get 80-90% open rates
& 20-50% click rates

Epichat allows you to build a Facebook Messenger marketing list that you can sell your products and services.

You can automate message flows that land directly into your customers Facebook Messenger inbox.

Use Growth Tools to gain subscribers

Comment tool

Convert comments into leads! Automatically send a private message to every comment across all of your posts and ads.

Chat widget

Tap into existing traffic on your website for growing your bot with our website buttons and customer chat features!

Send to messenger

Use a special ‘reference URL’ to grow your Messenger bot traffic and subscribers.


Create chatbots and automate your conversations

Epichat lets you create Facebook messenger chats with automatic conversation flows.

You can use these flows to deliver value, drive traffic, convert contacts into leads or even create sales.

Get started

Registration is entirely free, and it does not require a credit card.